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Ebony Jay

Apostle Ebony J is a visionary and emerging voice of deliverance and sanctification. She is best known and respected for her global healing retreats and her very transparent discussions on her liberation from molestation, abuse and homosexuality. Ebony has dedicated the last 15 years of ministry to discussing topics, that while others consider taboo, have been plaguing both the community and the Kingdom. She is affectionately known by those she leads as “The Grave Digger”, because of her passion to seek after those that have been buried alive by pain, darkness and generational curses. 

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"You can’t know the fullness of what you carry when you are in pain."
-Ap. Ebony Jay

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Soul Sessions

Soul Session is a 4 week course designed to identify areas of trauma and places in need of deliverance or healing in order to transform the attendees by the renewing of their minds.

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MentorShift is a VIRTUAL COMMUNITY where the Mantled and those who want to know more about what that term means, meet. Apostle Ebony will meet with this community for 6 months and dive into necessary topics and give language and strategy for what is next.


No ministry title or particular ministry affiliation is needed to join.

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