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Join Us for "Seated" 2024

here in Atlanta Ga.

I am so humbled to have these bloody ones with me for a weekend of transformational truth. These are Glory dwellers and we know

Heaven is, where they are.

April 26th -27th, 2024

You Can't Afford To Miss This.

Registration is Open Now!

Event Itenirary For "Seated" 2024


Friday at 7:30PM

Apostle Yolanda Stith of the Father’s House of Baltimore. I almost called the police , for what she did to us at 2023. Wrecked the building.


Saturday at 1:00pm

Prophet Allen Lewis , Prophet Sharde Martin and Pastor Broderick McBride will train us on intercession and then activate the room.


Saturday at 10:00am

We are bringing experts in branding and business who work with millionaire clients. They will teach us strategy and the fundamentals of building , finances , 501c3 etc. 


Saturday at 7:00pm

Triv and Prophets Erick David Townsend and Octavius Miller will be in one room , singing the song of the Lord together under one roof.

All In Attendance:

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Seated 2024

Created & Hosted by

Apostle Ebony Jay in Atlanta Georgia.

April 26th-April 27th 2024

I am so humbled to have these bloody ones with me for a weekend of transformational truth.

Ebony Jay

Apostle Ebony Jay

Apostle Ebony J is a visionary and emerging voice of deliverance and sanctification. She is best known and respected for her global healing retreats and her very transparent discussions on her liberation from molestation, abuse and homosexuality. 

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Apostle Yolanda Stith

Apostle Yolanda M. Stith is the Lead Pastor of the Father's House of Baltimore. She is the founder of Charity’s Home, Inc., a charitable corporation that serves the needs of homeless children in urban cities. She is also the president of Women, Build! 

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Apostle Elisa Hearney

Over 30 years in ministry. Officially affirmed as a Prophet in 2019 and commissioned as an Apostle in 2022. Currently serving as a spiritual covering, mentor and leader for individuals across the United States and internationally.

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Patrice Garrison

With a degree in Psychology. she knows a thing or two about understanding the needs and desires of individuals, and what motivates consumers to purchase services and products. Along with extensive experience in Marketing......

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Neesh Rose

Neesh Rose is a Kingdom Ambassador, Award Winning Visual Brand Expert, Teacher, Entrepreneur, Media Mogul who's aim is to assist entrepreneurs and business owners in grabbing the eyes of their clients and potential buyers via .......

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Prophet Sharde Martin

Sharde D. Martin is one of Atlanta’s best up-and-coming treasures. Through insight, wisdom and innovation that transcends her years, she’s quickly emerging as a powerful transformational thinker and prophetic reformer that isn’t afraid to......

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Prophet Allen M Lewis

Prophet Allen M Lewis


Pastor Broderick Mcbride

Broderick L. McBride is a thought leader and master communicator. He fully embraces the notion that mental health and spirituality go hand-in-hand, an idea that is deeply engrafted in his teaching and counseling style. Quickly rising as an influential voice.....

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Latrivia "Triv" Graham

Hi! I'm TRIV and I am so elated that you're here. Here's a little bit about me. I’m different. I'm an anomaly whose life is governed by TRUTH. I love Jesus, I love people... and I am committed to robbing graves and changing worlds for the rest of my life.

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erick david townsend.jpeg

Prophet Erick David Townsend

I'm an Awareness Prompter (Lead Worshipper), looking to re-define daily God-focused Worship.

octavious miller2.webp

Octavious Miller

Octavius Miller is the founder of Octavius Miller Enterprises which oversees the operation of several ministerial and marketplace exploits. Serving as a worship leader since the age of 14 and preacher of the gospel since the age of 17.......

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Don't Miss This! | "Seated" 2024

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